How to choose the best Carpet stair treads

Stair Treads Carpets can literally help you preventing unwanted accidents at home, while giving a fresh and modern look to your hard wooded floor. Especially if you have pets, younger kids or elderly people staying at your home, it’s very risky to have a hard wooded floor. It is very easy to Slip and fall on bare wooded floor. Stair carpet treads can help preventing these accidents.
Carpet treads come in different materiel, design, sizes and prices. Here we have compared the 5 best rated stair treads carpets, including the ratings from customers, Special features of the rugs

26"L x 8.5" W
Set of 12
Non-skid Latex Backing
Easy Installation
29" x 9"
Set of 4
All natural
handcrafted in USA
Backed by non-slip latex
23" x 8"
Set of 13
Easy Installation
100% Polypropylene
25" x 9"
Set of 13
Elegant Style
Easy Installation DIY
Non-skid foam backing

23.5" x 6"
Set of 12
Attachable Stair Treads
High Quality Olefin carpet
Skid resistant rubber backing
More Sizes available

Carpet Treads are a great way to protect your stairs from regular wear and tear. However what exactly are they and how can you best use them?

Benefits of installing rugs

Usually the stairs are getting a lot of action every day. While some families do have an elevator (particularly with an elderly in the house) most homeowners simply can’t afford them. This means that going up and down the stairs a lot of times every day is a regular occurrence. Usually the carpets that are used a lot start to show signs of wearing out and discolorations.

This is why in order to avoid changing the rugs very often (which costs money in the long run), many people have started using carpet stair treads that simply cover the stairs. You can place them down the middle of the steps since this is usually the area that is mostly stepped on. Of course you can also add them to the entire length of a set of stairs. In addition they add traction to the carpet so they efficiently prevent slipping on it.

They can be very easily installed at home without the help of a professional. They are actually perfect as a small DIY project of a half an hour or so. Many have a non skid foam backing that can be easily attached and secured to the stairs. Also maintaining them is a breeze. Often times all they need is a good vacuum to have them in top notch condition again.

An additional benefit is for pet owners who can now easily prevent the dogs from slipping as they travel down the stairs.

How to choose the best carpet stair treads for your home

1. Materiel and Design

It is important to choose a materiel that is both attractive and matching with the decor of your home.

First the materiel:

When you are choosing rugs, you have to look for something durable .The durability of carpets re measured on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the most durable. For general home use, 2.5 is perfect. But if you have lot of traffic at home, you can get in the scale of 3-4. Finding the materiel the carpets are made of will also give you an idea about their durability.

Next the design: Choose a carpet stair tread that is not clashing with the colors of your walls. Try to fins something that also matching to the stair colors as well. Nowadays the stair treads come in lot of designs and colors to choose from.

Click here to see nice designs and different colors of stair treads carpet in Amazon.

2. Secure Backing

Next thing you should be looking for is the backing of the stair tread carpets. You have to inquire if the backings are secure so you can adhere to the steps safely. Most carpets come with secure backing, but if the carpets you are buying do not have this feature, be sure to buy a double sized tape. With this tape you can adhere the carpet pretty well to the stirs and this will prevent the spreads falling off from the stairs.

3. Size

You should also consider about the size of the carpet that you will be installing in the stairs. If you can get some nice looking stair treads that is matching to the size of the stairs, it will give a great look to the whole house. Take a little bit time to measure out the stairs, where you will be installing the carpet stair treads.

Other things to consider when purchasing carpets can be summarized as follows.

carpet stair treads

- Are they washable?

-Are they easy to clean?

- Are they good for my pets?

- How well they can absorb water and moisture? (This is important to know when you are getting rugs for outside steps)


When you finally get your desired stair treads carpet s, make sure to install them in a visually appealing manner.  You can’t really expect to have a great look, just by installing the carpets randomly on the stairs. It’s a good practice to install the carpets symmetrical for a perfect look.

Carpet treads are useful for used for outside also. Especially when you are having raining, wind, pouring water, snow etc you will be glad to have some decent rugs outside to prevent anyone slipping and having a sprained ankle. What you have to think about when buying out door carpets are , they have to be durable ideally  made out of rubber based materiel .They also should be coming with a secure backing.  When you think of outdoor carpets, you shouldn’t be worried about getting the old fashioned, ugly carpets that used to be everywhere few years ago. Now you can find really modern, fashionable designed outdoor carpets that will provide your loved ones protection from slipping, but also giving a great look for the whole house.Click here to read about the best rubber stair treads.


Different types of carpets available

There are many different stair treads available, including braided stair treads, vinyl stair treads, wood stair treads and even rubber stair treads, and you can find them in quite a lot of different colors that can be chosen to perfectly match the rest of the room decor.

The name ‘carpet stair treads’ is actually a bit confusing. While there are indeed, stair treads made for carpets, the stair treads that are used on slippery surfaces and also on wood are called like that as well. In addition you can even find some that are used the entire surface of a place, such as in various commercial places such as restaurants, clubs, theaters and even industrial areas. Using these types of stair treads gives them really a strong durability not found in the regular types at home. They need to, since they are exposed to lots of use and abuse by many people day in, day out. There are much harsher conditions involved in industrial and commercial environments compared to homes.

I hope this tips on choosing a living room carpets and out door carpets have given you some ideas to start with. If you think I have missed something and you would like to add some tips, please feel free to share your ideas.

More articles on installing carpet stair treads can be found in the recently posted article section.

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